A London Escort Joins Select Grenadine as a Beauty Advisor

January 19, 2017 12:50 pm

Select Grenadine is committed to bringing you impartial reviews and advice from qualified cosmetics experts from all walks of life. In assembling a varied team we hope to give you reviews and advice from many different angles so that we always have something that is applicable to all people, in all situations. From light make-up for social events with friends to something more glamorous for fine-dining restaurants and high-brow social events, we have it all.

To complement our already superb team of testers and advisors, Select Grenadine is delighted to welcome on board a new member to our team. Michelle, a London elite escort with www.palacevip.com, adds another perspective to our already wide range of advice. We are sure that she will be a valuable member of the team and help Select Grenadine to go from strength to strength in the future.

A Valuable Opinion.

As you would expect, the escort business is one that is heavily reliant on image and it is important that the ladies involved in the business are looking at their best whenever possible. Buying the right cosmetic products is very important for an escort, as is investing the time in learning how to apply them properly, making an escort somebody that is very knowledgeable in cosmetic products and how to use them.

An escort is also likely to occasionally go to a high-end cosmetics and fashion expert as they prepare themselves for meetings with their best clients. This will help the escort to learn from the best and add to what they already know, making them an even better source of knowledge and experience.

A Range of Situations.

An escort like Michelle can find themselves in a range of situations that will require a different approach to applying cosmetics. Some clients might prefer to go to a casual pub and then maybe a nightclub afterwards, while others might prefer a fine meal in a high-end restaurant or maybe a trip to the theatre. Finding the right balance between glamour and practicality is important to Michelle, and is something that she now has perfected.

What’s more is that in her early days as an escort, Michelle was on a very limited budget and had to make do with cheaper cosmetics. This can obviously be more challenging than if you had a larger budget to play with and advice on how to make the most of a small budget is invaluable to many people. Now more successful as an escort, Michelle can afford the finer, more expensive cosmetics so is able to give advice on the full range where budget is concerned.

Advice for All.

With Michelle’s valuable input now that she has come on-board, we continue with our commitment to offering quality advice and reviews that apply to people of all ages and all backgrounds. Whether you want advice on make-up for a casual meet up with friends and family, or suggestions on a makeover that will help to turn heads, you have come to the right place.